Lauretta Hayes

President of PowerSource Consulting Group, Inc., Lauretta Hayes has over 25 years of experience in the financial and management arena. Starting early on in her career, while working both in the private and public sectors of business, she demonstrated an innate talent to organize and bring simple systems and structures to the complex mechanisms of business.

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PowerSource Consulting Group, Inc.

Having your own business can be one of freedom, self-expression and hard work. Entrepreneurialism is risk taking, along with reward taking. Why not? Most entrepreneurs start with something they are good at and start a business. Sometimes they just create a job for themselves and some create enterprises that sustain for generations.

What if you could have a business you loved?

PowerSource Consulting Group, Inc. was developed out of a demand by entrepreneurs developing themselves as better business people. Businesses that work with us discover that they become more effective, build businesses that will not only sustain now, but well into the future and become even more passionate about what they do.

Our trainings are provided through one to one coaching, corporate trainings and specially designed one day entrepreneurial trainings.

Transformation doesn’t happen unless you are willing. It’s your choice – choose to live beyond your wildest dreams.

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